Welcome to Virgo Global


VIRGO Group of Companies is a specialized business group headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh and managed by qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced team of highly motivated and committed human resources.
Founded since April 2005 in Dhaka, VIRGO has become one of the leading specialized groups in Bangladesh with multimillion assets and a pool of stable workforce. Rapid growth and targeted acquisitions have facilitated VIRGO to expand group operations all over Bangladesh.
The Group has developed extensive businesses in specialized Pharmaceuticals, Distributions, Media and few other industries.

The Group owns and operates:

  • Virgo Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Virgo Fish And Agro Process Ltd.
  • Virgo Distributions Company Ltd
  • Virgo Media Ltd. (Channel 9)
  • Virgo Communication Ltd.
  • Virgo Ltd.
  • Virgo Fashions Ltd.
  • Virgo Sweater Limited
  • Virgo Spinning Mills Limited
  • Virgo Poultry Limited
  • Virgo Ceramics Limited

Virgo Companies